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The total membership of sisters in the Congregation is 320. In 2007, the records had 120 sisters above the Uganda retirement age (60 years). 92 sisters were between 40 – 59 years, that is the most active group and 53 sisters were between 20 – 39 years old. The latter were still in on-going formation and following the academic training. The initial formation held a total number of 53 formatees in Candidacy, Postulancy and Novitiate.

Therefore, in an effort to respond to the needs of the elderly sisters, the young ones, the formatees and the daily administration of the entire congregation in matters of

  • Education of her members,
  • Paying medical bills,
  • Running the Institute’s projects,
  • Caring for apostolate in mission lands,
  • Sustaining formation programmes,
  • Administration repairs and maintenance of Institutes buildings etc

we thought of establishing projects which can supplement the income at hand.