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Ministry flow from the mission in the sense that it is the way, the means, the method, the activities or ministries carried out to realise the mission. They include;

Teaching: In schools, Institutions and Universities

Medical care: In health units, dispensaries, hospitals and community based care (CBHC)

Social work: In small Christian communities, villages

Catechesis: In schools, homes, parishes

Ministry of care: In homes, parishes, camps of refugees

Evangelisation: To people of all works of life

Counselling: Children, youth, family

Family ministry: Couples and children

Youth ministry: Youth

Leadership: Heads or managers of different institutions, projects and departments

Formation: In formation, on going formation house, families, schools and associations

Office work: Bursars, accountants, secretaries, cashiers etc

Farming: In our plantations, farms and gardens

Social comm: Radio, print media

That is how we channel our energies to cause a difference in people’s lives