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Mama Bruno

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  1. 1. My dear Sisters, be women of Prayer.
  2. Be humble in everything you do.
  3. Practice simplicity
  4. Cultivate with zeal and joy the part of vine yard entrusted to you.
  5. Be happy.
  6. Love one another and have respect for each other.
  7. Forgive each other.
  8. Always join efforts, in other wards be cooperative (Agateraine nigo gata eigufa)
  9. Be generous.
  10. Always seek advice from your fellow Sisters.
  11. Welcome corrections or accept being corrected.
  12. Give feedback to your fellow Sisters by appreciating each other’s work.
  13. Practice silence even at recreation
  14. Have a spirit of sharing with each other.
  15. Always have community gatherings and recollections at least once in a month
  16. Always sacrifice time for charitable works.
  17. Respect our Superiors, for God works through them.
  18. Always have sacraments.
  19. Be hard working so as to earn a living.
  20. Mend what is broken
  21. Report things to our House Superiors and other community members.
  22. Practice detachment/ let go of earthly attachments.
  23. Be devoted to Mother Mary and other Saints.
  24. Observe silence in morning, evening and night hours and also in places like corridors and sleeping rooms.
  25. Have regular visitation of the Blessed Sacrament.
  26. Always have time for recreation where you can share joys and even sorrows with each other.
  27. Be responsible and committed at work.
  28. Always trust in divine providence
  29. Support and encourage each other.
  30. Love spiritual readings for our spiritual growth.
  31. Have a spiritual Director to journey with you.
  32. Be flexible
  33. Respond to bells for they signify God’s voice.
  34. Remain attentive to the inner voice of the spirit at work in you.
  35. Prayer, self denial and self sacrifice leads to self discipline.
  36. Truth will always set you free despite the pain and suffering you have to bear.
  37. Obedience to God means listening beyond the spoken directives of your superiors or others.
  38. Your communities will be alive if you greet one another as you would to Jesus Himself.
  39. Always avoid divisions among your selves on tribal bases since there is no division in holy matters.
  40. Her Runyankole proverb; “Reka kwekwasakwasa obwo nobufu bwenkanda ekuzire”