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Ignatius of Loyola

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The community of Goods:

St. Ignatius of Loyola
St. Ignatius of Loyola

We have the spirituality of St. Augustine which originated from our Founder Bishop Thomas Labreque and it is a Spirituality of “contemplation in Action”. The Rule of St. Augustine asks to bring together our community of goods. As an Institute, our common life is based on the rule of St. Augustine.

his sayings

  1. True, I am in love with suffering, but I do not know if I deserve the honour.
  2. It is not hard to obey when we love the one whom we obey.
  3. Love is shown more in deeds than in words
  4. Act as if everything depended on you; trust as if everything depended on God.
  5. Go forth and set the world on fire
  6. Laugh and grow strong
  7. Teach us to give and not to count the cost.
  8. He who goes about to reform the world must begin with himself, or he loses his labor