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Another area where sisters have animated society is in health ministry. Life remains a precious gift any any threat to it, however slight, causes anxiety and insecurity. The sisters offer medical services and encouragement to the sick in hospitals as clinical officers, administrators and general staff at different levels. The sisters have also played vital roles as they participate in the activities of Community Based Health Care. This has greatly improved the health conditions of children, youth, old people and society at large.


Kyabirukwa health centre started as a sub-dispensary in 1964 by the White Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel from Canada. Presently it is still under the administration of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Mbarara. It is in Isingiro district in Mbarara Archdiocese, 48 kilometres from Mbarara Regional referral hospital.

General information, aims of Kyabirukwa health centre III

  • Kyabirukwa health centre aims at providing a package of services comprehensive of curative, preventive, primitive and rehabilitative health care for the population of Isingiro district and many others from Ntungamo, Rakai districts, refuges from Rwanda, Sudan and Tanzania neighbouring countries.
  • The health centre operates in pursuit of the good of the people of God. Its services are committed to a holistic approach in healing by treating, preventing diseases and promoting health.
  • In the provision of services, the health centre does not discriminate on the grounds of religious or political affiliation, sex, or income. A preferential option for the poor and less privileged especially women and children are pursued.
  • The health centre operates in line with government policies with exception of those that contradict the Roman Catholic church Code of ethics and Roman Catholic health services.
  • The health centre is a private non-profit organisation, net income generated in the cause of operation is utilised for improving of the health services.
  • The mission of the Catholic health services in Uganda and pariticulary Kyabirukwa health centre is derived from the mission of the health church based on the imitation of Christ and the healer (John 10:10)
  • Since its foundation, the health centre has developed in all aspects, which include patient attendance, infrastructure and services delivery.

Services offered

  • Out patient services
  • In patient services
  • Laboratory services
  • Antenatal services
  • Delivery services
  • Postnatal services
  • Immunization services both static and outreaches
  • Health education services both static and outreaches
  • Minor operations
  • PMTCT (Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV counselling and screening of HIV, done on daily basis
  • Diabetes clinics

The above noted services we do them efficiently and we try to implement the Uganda minimum health care package (UMCP)

The health centre serves people from different areas referred from units in Isingiro district. Most of the patients are being sent to this health centre from different health units and private clinics. Because majority of people appreciate and trust our service delivery, we have many patients from far and near. Our health centre serves as a referral health unit in Isingiro district and there is no hospital in the district yet.

Therefore, we have many admissions compared to the size of our wards. Management and the entire community wish Kyabirukwa health centre to become a hospital since we already have most of the requirements though need to be expanded.


This is located in Rubaya – Kashari, Mbarara district.

Sr. Margret Kwitegetse in-charge
Nurses welcoming patients
Nurses welcoming patients
Medical staff
Medical staff
Carrying out immunisation
Carrying out immunisation
Nurse taking MUAC from a patient
Side view of the health unit compound
Side view of the health unit compound
Paediatric ward
Disconnecting an IV line from a patient
Paediatric ward
Paediatric ward