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The Institute of the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Mbarara takes pride in the talents and capabilities of its individual members who competently and devotedly serve God’s people in communities entrusted to their care especially the marginalised of society. Their services, which cover various areas, include education, health, administration, agriculture, and information and technology. All these call for proper and adequate training in order to bring services closer to people. Bringing services close to the people is in line with Uganda government policy that has promoted decentralization. The Institute endeavours to train members and equip them with skills so as to fulfill its mission objectives and those of the nation in order to enable them respond positively and adequately to the changing demands of society. The achievements of the Institute in the areas identified above have been facilitated by the participation of stakeholders in all the countries where the Sisters serve. These countries include Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, USA. However, this noble cause is somehow strained by the meager income of the Institute and the other pressing needs of the members plus the apostolate needs. Nonetheless, the education department of the Institute hopes and desires to uplift the standard of education of the members in response to the needs of society in their services. It is in this line of thought that the competencies to serve God’s people in various fields of the apostolate. United we stand to praise God always, marvel at His goodness in our lives and serve Him forever.

Education in schools:

The Institute has for a long time largely been concerned with children and youth both in school and out of school. Serving as teacher and principles in schools at primary, secondary, tertiary and university levels, the sisters contribute to the academic excellence of children. In addition, the sisters offer wise counsel and influence the lives of the young at this stage of growth. The sisters believe that forming a child at its tender age is the only effective way society will improve not only its social, moral and intellectual aspects but also cause a deeper analytical and wider outlook to life.